Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Gundam 30th Anniversary Art Book

This year is the 30th Anniversary for Mobile Suit Gundam, and Kadokawa Publication are planning two art books to commemorate this huge milestone, featuring two of the most important artists in the mecha and character design of the original Gundam:

* Kunio Okawara Art Book Mobile Suit Gundam "Inheritance of the Originals" (My own lousy translation for the Japanese title: 大河原邦男画集 機動戦士ガンダム 原典継承) - Will contain new MSV mecha designs, 40 new designs for "Inheritance of the Originals" and a pinup series currently ongoing in the monthly magazine "Gundam Ace". Will also have MS design for "Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin".

* Yoshikazu Yasuhiko "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin" Art Book (安彦良和 機動戦士ガンダム ジ オリジン画集) - features original sketches for "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin", over 40 paintings and colored illustrations of scenes from the manga, as well as designs cut from the manga.

"Gundam Ace" and "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin" are both publications of Kadokawa.

No image available at the moment. Both will be released on March 26th at 3,150 Yen each (inclusive of tax).

Okawara-sensei should be name known by every mecha fan I believe? He has designs in almost every Gundam series, including O Gundam in Gundam Double O. Yoshikazu Yasuhiko is best known for his character design (instead of mecha). He did the principal design of Gundam F91 though. His character design can be found in Gundam UC0079, Zeta Gundam, Gundam F91 and even the ongoing Gundam Unicorn novel series. He is also the writer for "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin".

Kunio Okawara (image from T. Kanazawa Web Page) and Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (image from Motomachicake Blog).