Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Magazine Limited Release Revoltech Enkidudu

Revoltech Enkidudu was announced as early as September last year, and it was reported that the release date was going to be in December, but it turns out to be a mail-order only limited release for the hobby magazine Figure-O Vol. 130.

Quite a disappointing news for fans of Viral ^^;

Comparison with No. 064 Enkidu.

All images above are from Hobby Stock.

Say, we didn't hear anything about that Fraulein Anti-spiral Nia for quite a long time already right? ^^

From this previous posting back in late June.

Another limited merchandise that some of you might be interested in is Soul of Chogokin GX-09MA Minerva X Shining Shadow Version.

Just like Enkidudu mentioned earlier on, this Minerva X is also a magazine limited mail-order only release for Mazinga Z Comic Magazine. You have to collect coupons from the February issue (released December 26th 2008) and March issue (to be released on January 26th) in order to participate. The coupons must be sent before February 28th. Release date and price TBA.

Image and information from Kondansha Publication.