Monday, January 19, 2009

New Giveaways for BB Senshi Sangokuden

Not enough with little soldiers, weapon effect parts and stickers, there is another giveaway for BB Senshi Sangokuden model kits, and the campaign seems to have started.

This new giveaway consists of three sets of addon for your BB Senshi Sangokuden models. They are quite flexible, as they can be used as weapons and as armors for the body. All three sets can combine to form a dragon (?). They can all be attached onto a single Sangokuden model at one time as well.

Haven't heard of this giveaway from any Japanese source. It's unclear whether fans outside Hong Kong can get this new giveaway (the news came from Hong Kong). Toysdaily did mentioned that each set will be given away for every two boxes of BB Senshi Sangokuden kits. So, in order to collect all three sets, you'll need six kits. Not sure which kit is in for this campaign, but I have a feeling that Ryubi, Chouhi, Kan-U and most of the older kits are on the list.

For fans who do collect these giveaways, I wonder how many Ryubi do you have already? ^^;

Information and images from CyberGundam and Toysdaily.