Wednesday, January 28, 2009

HCM-Pro & Robot Damashii Seravee/Seraphim

A review on the just released HCM-Pro Seravee/Seraphim by Hatena Diary:

All the 'basic' bazooka actions are of course no-problem-mo for this action figure.

All palms attached. Looks kind of creepy after a while... ^^;

That pair of spread palms is from part-swapping.

Since the forearm of Seraphim can be attached to the bazooka, the little fella can use this weapon as well.

Comes with the combo palm for a gesture of fellowship with his other three comrades ^^
Will we get to see this scene in the anime as well?

All images from Hatena Diary.

Another review on this HCM-Pro release can be seen on Taste.

On the other hand, Moeyo has a review on the upcoming Robot Damashii version of Seravee/Seraphim:

The holes inside the cannon to mount the hands are a bit too obvious there... ^^;

A show of the knee articulation there

Only two beam parts are included for the Robot Damashii version (HCM-Pro has four).

Part-swapping for the Face Burst Mode it seems.

Not too sure about the painting of Seraphim's face there ^^;

January 31st release, 4,988 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Images are from Moeyo.