Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dot35 Modeller Vote Contest

* Helping out a fellow Gundam friend from Thailand to spread the news. ^^

Dot35Plus Shop is a hobby shop in Bangkok, Thailand. The owner, Mr. Pu collects Gunpla since childhood, and has expanded his interest into a business, which is something I'm extremely happy for him about. ^^

Also sells Gunplas online via its official website.

The shop is currently having a contest called "Dot35 Modeller Vote Contest". Gunpla work of two categories: Basic Work - painted using marker paint and Pro Work - air brush work are on display at the shop right now. For this competition, you visit the shop and vote for your favorite model for each category using coupons at the shop. There'll be a lucky draw for the voters. ^^

Prizes include expo limited Gunplas ^^

I'm not exactly clear of the details though, since my Thai is zero beyond 'sawadikap'. ^^; More information and images can be found in this page. For international fans, you can have a look at all the Gunpla work showcased from this link.

Gundam fans in Bangkok, or those having vacation in the city right now should go and have a look. ^^

Information and images from Mr. Pu's email sent to me and the contest page. Thanks ^^