Saturday, July 18, 2009

Become Your Own Plamo Kit

I super LOL-ed when I first read about this several days back XD

Bandai allows you to become an cosplay action figure of Kamen Rider or Char Aznable via Jibun Damashii, now you can make a plamo kit of yourself through the company's newest product line, Pellermodel.

The idea is quite simple actually, you select your favorite photo (or any person you like), print it on a sticker and apply it to the kit, and there you have it, your own model kit ^^

I vaguely recalled I did that using paper cut-outs when I was still a kid. XD

Anyway, for Pellermodel, you get a "Basic-M" unisex set, featuring a kit with molded joints, usable for both male and female character. Also included are test sheet for printing x2, sticker sheet x1 and a stand. You can download the software from Pellermodel's official site, which has the tools to help you prepare the stickers. There are templates of clothing you can choose from in the software, or just use your own design ^^

Done with the design, you can print them onto the sticker sheet included and apply them to the surface of the kit to complete the whole model. ^^

The kit stands about 100mm tall, and is just 2mm thick. It's capable of performing various action poses, thanks to the molded joints.

Time to see yourself performing some unhuman-like action poses XD

Pellermodel demonstration at Tokyo Toy Show 2009.
Image from Gpara Dot Com.

Release date is today (July 18th), at 500 Yen per set (inclusive of tax). There are 4 colors you can choose from for the kit: white, light yellow, light green and light pink. So far, there's no news if this is will be available outside Japan.

A very advanced version of the paper doll used for 打小人 XD

All images from the official site.