Sunday, July 19, 2009

MG Exia Ignition Mode Review - Waist & Weapons

Gunpla Secret Base's review on MG Exia Ignition Mode on the waist and weapons:

All parts for the waist.

Each rear skirt armor is movable, and a new type of joint is used for the front ones, which look a bit similar to the mod work done by Keita (Wonder Excellence) - see picture below.

Image from Wonder Excellence

With the new joints, the front skirt armors won't get in the way of the thigh when the legs move up I believe.

The pelvis joints can move independently.

Left leg moving upward, no problem ^^
A brand new design in the MG series. ^^

With or without the lighting gimmick, with or without any weapon, this MG version definitely looks much better than the other releases - much better proportion and design for all the body components.
I always think the 1/100 scale version's shoulder armors are a little too large ^^;

Bling-bling for the GN Blades, and the tips look pretty sharp as well.
Very fierce, I like ^^

Even better, they can be mounted to the hip joints without part-swapping ^^

The mechanism for expanding the shield is almost too simple-looking XD
Very effective though.

The mount rack of the shield to the forearm is the only most similar part between this MG and the 1/100 version in my opinion ^^;

Parts for the GN Sword's shield

The most accurate color distribution for this particular component - no painting (gray) required, even the large size 1/60 scale version can't beat this ^^

Metallic parts for the rifle's muzzle, ...

... not for the blade component of the broken GN Sword for Exia Repair though. ^^;

A bit of cracks for the white part on the shield of the GN Sword.

All images from Gunpla Secret Base: Part 7, Part 8.

Bandai Hobbysite also has a page up on Gundam Double O's section introducing this MG kit:

Images from Bandai Hobbysite