Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gundam UC TV Series?

According to Japanese blog Char's News, Odaiba Walker 2009 August 30th Issue Summary Ver. (お台場Walker2009年8月30日号 要約版) announced that the animated version of Gundam UC is going to be a TV series coming in this year.

Awaiting confirmation on this piece of news. ^^ But for your information, if it's true, then it totally contradicts what Bandai President and CEO Kazunori Ueno said about having "no plans to broadcast [another Gundam] television series in 2009." (refer to this previous posting) in response to a question during Bandai Namco Group's press conference for Project Gundam 30th Anniversary.

We'll see if the good president has to eat his words on this issue. ^^;

Information from Char's News. Image from this previous posting.