Monday, July 20, 2009

MG Exia Ignition Mode Review - Final

The last review from Gunpla Secret Base on his MG Exia Ignition Mode is about its GN Sword.

Bottom right corner seems a bit strange because the photo was modified, as Gunpla Secret Base placed that part in a different position in the original photo.
Happens to me all the time ^^

The bling-bling is really no kidding ^^

The ability to slide the rifle back into the shield allows the right hand to wield another weapon. The first model kit of Exia to have this ability. ^^

Haro worker! ^^

Super impressive MG this Exia is. Many have already confirmed their purchase of this model long before the end of Gunpla Secret Base's reviews I believe.

Three more days till its official release on July 23rd. ^^

All images from Gunpla Secret Base.