Sunday, July 19, 2009

HGUC Campaign 2

Following the positive response on the first HGUC Campaign, Bandai has announced a second one.

The prizes this time, are B5 sized, 24-page notepads with 6 different cover designs. All 300,000 copies to be given, and the number is obviously to commemorate Gundam 30th Anniversary as well.

The campaign will start on July 25th. Customers purchasing a HGUC kit from participating stores are entitled for the free notepad mentioned. Three designs to be released on July 25th are "Gundam Manual", "Char's Zaku Image" and "Gundam Images". Three more designs to be released on August 7th, featuring "Zeon Image", "Zeon Military Flag Image" and "HGUC Manuals". Free gifts given out while stock last for the participating stores.

Large number of prizes prepared this time, no lucky draw terms and conditions too. But then again, that doesn't really mean much to international fans unless shops outside Japan are given those notepads as prizes as well. :(

Image is the rear cover of Bandai Plastic Kit Information Vol. 2.