Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gundam 30th Birthday Festival in Nagoya

Gundam 30th Birthday Festival in Nagoya is another major event for Gundam 30th Anniversary celebration in Japan. Held at Port Messe in Nagoya, the event has started since Friday (July 24th) and will end today (July 26th).

As compared to the festival at Shiokaze Park, Tokyo right now, Gundam 30th Birthday Festival in Nagoya emphasizes the historical feel of Gundam. Many items related to the anime, including pages from the original scripts, cosplay costume, original lineart design, even Gunplas decades ago were on display.

1/1 scale Char's Zaku II head statue is getting a lot of attention from the ladies XD

Can't imagine Bandai had plan for this kind of Gunpla before XD

Gundam girls selling... cakes? ^^

Not shown in the photos are the release of two sets of limited Gunplas for this event: HGUC Operation V Clear Color Version - 2,600 Yen and HGUC Char's MS Set Clear Color Version - Zaku II, Gelgoog and Z'Gok - 3,200 Yen (inclusive of tax).

More information in this previous posting.

All images from Mainichi.