Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1/60 Gerbera Tetra from G-System-Shop

G-System-Shop announces another huge resin kit release: 1/60 AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra

Professionally painted version.

Straight assembled version with panel-lining, minor paint fill-up, decal and top coating.

Overall height 345mm, shoulder width 230mm and overall depth 400 mm (with tail stabilizer equipped). The size is however, not the main selling point. This resin kit comes with a lavish number of aluminum parts - over 100 in total.

Also, G-System-Shop introduces multi-color resin part design for this kit. All 7 colors including black (iron-coated) for the aluminum parts mentioned above, red, light purple/gray, medium gray, dark gray, yellow and white. As you can see from the second set of images above, the completed kit looks pretty cool even without painting.

And (a lot of) painting is almost a synonym to resin kit all this while. Looks like G-System-Shop is aiming to change that ^^

Has G-System-Shop's inner frame system, so the completed model is capable of many action poses. LED lighting system is incorporated, and the decal is in chrome silver.

November 20th release, USD 424.

All images are from G-System-Shop