Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2,000,000 Thanks and More!

My ClustrMaps counter shows that the total number of visitors to this blog is now over 2 million. ^^

The last milestone I blogged about was at the end of September last year, some 13 months ago. Back then I was celebrating the 300,000th visit.

An increase of 1.7 million visits in about a year. ^^

I most sincerely thank you all for your support for this blog

Back in September 2008 of the previous benchmark, I was enjoying about 2,500 unique visits daily, according to my Nuffnang counter.

September 2008 Stats

Now, there are about 12,000 visits daily to this blog.

November 2009 Stats

It's also interesting to see that the countries where majority of my readers between then and now the same ^^

September 2008 Stats

November 2009 Stats

North American, fellow Malaysian and Singaporean readers make up the majority of readers on this blog, but according to my Google Analytic report, I have many readers from China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Germany and Saudi Arabia. ^^

I see the success of my blog as a sign of Gundam and other mecha products from Japan getting more and more internationalized. From even before the establishment of this blog, there have been a huge supporter group of Gundam outside Japan. I believe the number of visitors I'm having right now can be seen as a testament to that. And I hope toy companies in Japan will realize that as well, so that I can use the phrase "Japan limited" less in the future. ^^;

A lot of thing happened within this 13 months. But I don't really want to talk about it as yet, before this blog reaches its 4th Anniversary next March. As of now, I'm still shouldering the weariness and disappointment brought back from Singapore. I hope I have time to talk about it some time later.

But at the moment, pardon my intoxication over this number of 2,000,000. XD It's not a number I get to write everything that is really applicable to me XD