Friday, January 29, 2010

Border Break Cougar Type I on Display & Reissue

Three sample work of Kotobukiya's just released 1/35 "Border Break" Cross Frame Cougar Type I which were featured in this month's issue of Hobby Japan are on display at Kotobukiya's special store in Akihabara, since yesterday (January 28th) actually.

Cougar Type I - Made by Hideyuki Hata (秦秀幸) from Team Wolf Hound.

Cougar Type II [Assault Arms Equipped] - Made by Kawamura Hideya (河村秀也)

Cougar Type I for Vigado Type II [Heavy Arms Equipped] - Made by Satoshi Makoto Aya (丹文聡)

Images are from Moeyo.

Also, according to Kotobukiya's official blog, Cougar Type I is now sold out on the manufacturer's side and will be reissued in April.

For your information, Cougar I was released just three days ago (January 26th). ^^;

Information is from Kotobukiya's official blog.