Monday, January 25, 2010

MG Ahead April Release

High level Photoshop ^^

Fans of Ahead from "Gundam Double O" Season 2 can now rejoice. Ahead will be the third unit from that series to be given the MG treatment.

April release, 4,780 Yen (inclusive of tax).

But seriously, sorry to those who really want an MG Ahead, the picture is fake. ^^; Hints:

- The spacing between the characters in the heading is inconsistent - the first part and the last three characters.

- Red box containing the release info is obviously modified from MG GN-X's announcement in Hobby Japan January issue.

The one on the right is from MG GN-X's announcement.

- The price is also a huge indication that it's fake. At 4,780 Yen (inclusive of tax), the plain price would have to be 4,552 Yen, with decimal values at the back some more. Never would Bandai put such a price to confuse the sellers and customers. ^^;

- This particular line from the item description is highly questionable as well:

"Details can be found in the next issue", or something like that, but why is there a "laugh" (笑い) in there? ^^;

So nope, no MG Ahead at the moment. ^^;

Image is from the very dangerous yet funny 4Chan. ^^;