Thursday, January 21, 2010

Volks' FSS Resin Kit & Others for Wonder Festival 2010 [Winter]

Volks has announces the company's limited releases for this year's Wonder Festival [Winter]:

The highlight is this one:

1/100 Scale High Spec Garage Kit Vai O La [Crumars II] from "Five Star Stories" (garage kit)

2 different parts for the head included. Event price: 22,000 Yen.

Other mecha related items:

∀-Brand/Hobby Round Premium Non-scale Aigis Guard from "Baldr Sky Dive1" (garage kit)

Event price: 14,000 Yen.

∀-Brand/Hobby Round Premium Non-scale Shadow Wolf from "Baldr Sky Dive 1" (garage kit)

Event price: 12,000 Yen.

∀-Brand/Hobby Round Premium 1/20 Scale Machine Soldier E=X Garland from "Megazone 23" (garage kit)

Event price: 21,000 Yen.

Art Display Non-scale Statue Dis Astranagant from "SRW" (completed figure)

Event price: 28,000 Yen.

Art Display 1/Infinity Scale Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann from "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann" (completed figure)

Event price: 38,000 Yen.

VLOCKer 1/20 Scale Blue Knight Sword from "Duel Knights" (action figure)

No. 001 Starter Pack - Event price: 2,400 Yen.

No. 001 Starter Pack + Extra Pack Set - Event price: 7,000 Yen.

N.E.X.T. Non-scale Demonbane from "Demonbane" (action figure)

Event price: 8,000 Yen.

N.E.X.T. Non-scale Demonbane Blood "Demonbane" (action figure)

Event price: 8,000 Yen.

Wonder Festival 2010 [Winter] will be held on February 7th at Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex Hall 1 to 8. Volks' booth is E-13.

All images are from Volks.