Friday, January 29, 2010

Kotobukiya's Lost Planet 2 Action Figures May Release

First appeared at last year's All Japan Plamodel Radicon Show in October, which had me believed that they are going to be plamo kits. Kotobukiya has other plan though, so fans are getting them as PVC action figures instead.

1/35 scale PTX-140R Hadobora (? - ハードボーラー) and GTF-11 Doraio (? - ドライオ) from the action shooting game "Lost Planet 2":

PTX-140R Hadobora

GTF-11 Doraio

Hadobora has 24 points of articulation incorporated. Weapons are chain gun, rocket launcher and laser rifle.

Doraio comes with the driver figure. Front cockpit cover can be opened. 14 points of articulation designed. Weapons are two Gatling guns, mounted to the body via ball-type joints.

The weapons of the two units are compatible with each other.

All images are from Kotobukiya: special section, product announcement.