Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lighting Up MG GN-X

There's a lot of talk about lighting up the just released MG GN-X's GN Drive Tau, but so far, this is the only review that did it - from Gunpla Revenge:

Lighting up with MG Exia Ignition Mode's GN Drive, and fake solar furnace becomes the original one. XD

Gunpla Revenge's own proposed solution - DIY to change the green LED of the original GN Drive to red.

But Bandai does have an easier solution for you - order form to purchase a red LED lighting unit and two other parts needed are included separately with the manual.

The set of parts listed: LED lighting unit, J1, and a screw are exactly the same as the one used for MG Exia Ignition Mode.
Images are cropped from Dalong

The price for the set of parts is 700 Yen, plus another 120 Yen for delivery according to Gunpla Revenge, which is also the same as that listed for MG Exia Ignition Mode. So it's pretty safe to confirm that both MGs are using the same parts to light up their respective GN Drive.

To light-up the one in front and another one on the back. It's 1,520 Yen for two lighting unit sets. Folks who know some electronic tricks will be able to cut cost on that to achieve the same effect I believe. ^^

Image are from Gunpla Revenge.