Thursday, January 28, 2010

UMC Mazinger Z Confirmed

After being showcased at Tamashii Nation 2009 about a year ago, the release of Urban Material Chogokin (U.M.C.) Mazinger Z is finally being confirmed!

Tamashii Nation has a special section set up for this luxurious release.

Made of Titanium Carbon. The figure is 900mm tall, about 8kgs heavy. The display base included is 600mm tall, with 400mm in width and depth respectively, weighting about 4kgs.

Not available through regular limited release method, pre-order will be done completely through direct contact between Tamashii Nation and interested buyers. Production will be strictly quantity-limited as well, only 10 units is to be produced. In case the number of order is greater than 10, the last order to be fulfilled will be selected based on the date when the order is placed (I'm guessing whoever pre-order first will be selected to be the last 10th order in such a case).

Pre-order will start on January 29th, until the quota of 10 units has been fulfilled. Release date is 7 months to a year later calculated from the date when the order is placed.

So the soonest date we get to see this special item will be on August 29th this year. ^^

2,000,000 Yen (inclusive of tax, exclusive of delivery charge).

Images are from the official site.