Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gundam UC Premier Reviews & Message from the Stage on February 20th & 27th

Gundam UC's official site announces that there are going to be two rounds of review sessions by director, writer and other staff members of "Gundam UC" on two different dates when the movie premiers.

Session 1
Venue: Shinjuku Piccadilly Screen 1, Tokyo
Date: February 20th
Time: 11AM (Review session is after the movie)
Guests: Kazuhiro Furuhashi (Director), Hukui Harutoshi (story), Kouki Uchiyama (seiyuu for Banagher Links), Ayumi Fujimura (seiyuu for Audrey Burne), Sawano Hiroyuki (music) and others.

Session 2
Venue: Makuhari Cineplex Cinema 12, Chiba
Date: February 27th
Time: 10AM, 12.30PM (Review session is after the movie)
Guests: Hukui Harutoshi (story), Hideki Owada (mangaist), Norimitsu Yasushi (mangaist)

* Some surprise event is planned for Chiba's session.

February 20th is the release date for "Gundam UC" Episode 1, "The Day of Unicorn" for PSP and PS3 by Sony Entertainment, so the premier in Tokyo is going to join those who obtain the movie on their PSP and PS3 to watch it first.

Apart from Shinjuku Piccadilly and Makuhari Cineplex, another 6 cinemas in Japan are going to show "Gundam UC" between the period of February 20th and March 12th, when the Blu-ray Disc (5,040 Yen inclusive of tax) and DVD (3,990 Yen inclusive of tax) versions are scheduled to be released internationally.

All 8 Japanese cinemas involved and the period when the movie is shown are as below:

February 20th - March 5th
- Shinjuku Piccadilly (Tokyo)
- Midland Square Cinema (Nagoya)
- Namba Park Cinema (Osaka)
- Sapporo Cinema Frontier (Sapporo)
- Nakasu Taiyo Cinema (Fukuoka)

March 5th - March 12th
- Makuhari Cineplex (Chiba)
- TOHO Cinema Roppongi Hills (Roppongi)
- MOVIX Saitama (Saitama)

Folks in Japan during the mentioned period can go and check it out. The ticketing information can be found on Gundam UC's official site.

So, strictly speaking, the movie isn't exactly available to the whole world simultaneously actually. ^^; Some Gundam fans might have watched "Gundam UC" a dozen times because others from outside Japan get it on Blu-ray Disc and DVD. ^^;

Information is from Gundam UC's official site. Image is from this previous posting.