Thursday, February 25, 2010

Banpresto's Ichiban Premium Macross F's Posters Up & Double Campaign Details

Approaching its release date, large posters of Banpresto's Ichiban Premium Macross F "The False Songstress" prize item set have been set up outside Kotobukiya Radio Hall and The Gamers in Akihabara. ^^

Posters outside Kotobukiya Radio Hall.

Posters are showing Type A and B Premium Figures, and Type G Macross Frontier Movie Spring Characters.

The exact release date is given as well: March 6th. People lining up in rain to get them, like what happened when Ichiban Kuji Evangelion New Theatrical Ver. prize item set was released more than a week ago, is well expected. ^^;

See this previous posting for the list of all the different categories and types in this set.

800 Yen each (inclusive of tax).

Also features the Double Chance Campaign as mentioned a few days ago as well, which has just been announced on the official site.

The prize is a set of Premium Figures featuring recolored Sheryl Nome Black Bunny Ver. and White Rabbit Ver. The new color scheme is actually being supervised by Shoji Kawamori-sensei himself.

Only 10 sets to be given out, extremely rare, and extremely hard to get, even in Japan. 5 winners will be chosen randomly from those who answered a questionnaire available only in certain stores participating in the campaign; another 5 winners will be from those who participate via the campaign website.

Images of the posters are from Moeyo. Images of the Double Chance Campaign are from Ichiban Kuji, information is from the campaign page.