Sunday, February 21, 2010

Club MG Bandai Hobby Center Tour

Previously, we don't know what are the benefits of joining "Club MG" from Bandai, except to earn rankings of Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.

Now we do. ^^

Bandai is offering a tour to Bandai Hobby Center in Shizuoka for those who obtained Gold and Silver medals in "Club MG". No detailed information at this moment, the date of the tour is not mentioned as well, but transformation will not be provided.

"Club MG" was announced in November last year as part of Bandai's plan to celebrate Gunpla 30th Anniversary. Registration for "Club MG" has started since January 1st.

Only green stamps with serial number works it seems, and these green stamps are available in MG Clear Part Campaign Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. One point will be awarded for each serial number entered. However, those who registered during the opening campaign of "Club MG" (January 1st - 31st) would receive double point instead.

As you know, MG Clear Part Campaign Vol. 1 featured 22 kits released in January, while Vol. 2 features another 16 this month. The real problem is: 20 points will earn you a Bronze medal; 40 points, Silver and 60 points, Gold. So, after the opening campaign, you're not going to get even the Silver medal if you collect every kit released in both Clear Part Campaigns - just 38 points in total - two points away from target ^^;

Furthermore, I'm not sure if it's open for international fans. ^^;

However, the period for you to enter the serial number extends from January 1st till December 31st this year. More MG Clear Part Campaigns are under planning I believe, maybe all other MGs not involved yet in the Vol. 1 and 2 will be featured in the future. ^^;

Information and image is from Gunpla 30th Anniversary's official site.