Friday, February 19, 2010

Sci-fi Revoltech Alien & Daimajin Preview

Previews of these two first releases from Revoltech's new Sci-fi Revoltech series:

No. 01 Alien - 150mm tall. 15 points of articulation, 13 Revoltech joints used. Comes with Alien Egg x1, Facehugger x1, display stand x1, name plate x1.

The "hood" of the skull which is painted in special transparent color, is detachable O_O

The tail is made of special bendable material and flexible posing.

2 new type of Revoltech joints used for the shoulders.

Very creepy. ^^;

No. 02 Daimajin - 125mm tall. 17 points of articulation, 17 Revoltech joints used. Comes with knife (with sheath, when pulled out), option hand unit x3, captured Samurai in the hand of Daimajin, option face part x1, Stake (can be pierced into the forehead), display stand x1, name plate x1.

The stake on the forehead can be removed.

Skirt is made of soft material

April 1st release, 2,850 Yen each (inclusive of tax).

All images are from Hobby Stock: Link 1 (Alien), Link 2 (Daimajin).