Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gundam Updates from Gundam Ace May Issue

Updates on various Gundam MSV series from last month's issue of Gundam Ace (May issue):

[Gundam Katana]

Striker Custom

Full Armor Alex


FA-78-1B Full Armor Gundam Type B

New weapons installed are large missile launcher and 3-barrel beam rifle.

MSV-R units featured in Gundam Ace for the past one year.

MS-07H Gouf Flight Test Type

[Game's MSV]

MAN-05 Gromlin - From "SD Gundam G Generation Gather Beat".

Updates on MSV units featured in "Gundam the Origin" and "Gundam UC: Bande Dessinee" from the same magazine can be seen in this previous posting.

Images are from ToyWorld Forum: Link 1, Link 2.