Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bandai Demands 4 Million Renminbi from Pirated Gunpla Manufacturer & Seller in China

Just a little bit of update on Bandai's legal case against the pirated Gunpla manufacturer and seller in China mentioned two days ago.

China Finance Online reported this morning that the total amount of compensation Bandai is demanding from the two defendants is 3.69 million Renminbi - about USD $540,000, which should be a combined amount for the two companies.

No other new details available in the report. The first defendant, the pirated kit manufacturer's arguments that the work was done by another company they contracted, and that they did not know that the product is copyrighted by Bandai - the same argument used by the second defendant, the seller are being repeated in the report though.

Information is from China Finance Online. The same report is also up on Yidaba Industry News and Sina Finance (All reports are in Chinese).