Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kotobukiya's 1st HMM Zoids Product Development Meeting

Kotobukiya announces that the company will organize the first "HMM Zoids Product Development Meeting" in mid May to discuss about future HMM Zoids releases. The event will also feature a live performance by Ramar.

The details of the meeting are as below:

Date: Saturday, May 15th.

Time: 12.30 - 4.30PM.

Venue: Loft Plus One, Shinjuku.

Special guest: Ramar 1/2 Mercy Rabbit (? - マーシーラビット氏).

- Gunsou MC announces the declaration of the meeting and its objectives.
- Display of HMM Zoids Ligntning Saix, plus lineup of new items.
- Meeting format, review of new product development and progress for future discussion session
- Display of HMM Zoids work by visitors
- Unplugged Ramar Live event
- Initial release of HMM Zoids Great Saber, Ramar's goods and other merchandises.

Ramar performed the opening theme called "Wild Flowers" in "Zoids" TV anime series.

Image and information is from Kotobukiya.