Saturday, April 24, 2010

MG Wishlist MS Survey Top 5

An important update in this month's issue of Hobby Japan/Dengeki Hobby regarding the top 5 MSs as voted by fans as hopeful MG releases from "MG Wishlist MS Survey" initiated by Bandai 30th Anniversary's official site back in late March.

The top 5 MSs, in order according to the report from Tobiuo72's blog:

(1) Gundam 00 Raiser
(2) Gundam Double X
(3) V2 Gundam
(4) Turn X
(5) The O

There is still time to vote on Bandai 30th Anniversary's official site. You have till 12PM (Japanese time), 30th April to vote for your favorite MS to win out as possible MG release. You can vote as many times you want. Details can be seen in this previous posting.

The winner from the survey will be announced at Shizuoka Hobby Show in May (13th till 16th)

Information is from Tobiuo72's blog. Also reported on GToys Blog. Image is from this previous posting and ToyWorld Forum.