Friday, May 14, 2010

Revoltech Blade Liger Release Info & New Images

Kaiyodo "formally" announces the release info of Revoltech Yamaguchi No. 93 Blade Liger. ^^

- Large project release to commemorate the 5th Anniversary of Revoltech
- 42 points of articulation, 34 Revoltech joints used.
- Made up of 77 parts in total - the highest number of parts for a single release in the entire Revoltech series.
- With the leg design, a striking pose with the Pulse Laser Gun can be reproduced.
- The blade and the shield can be expanded to demonstrate the finisher move, "Blade Attack"
- Can perform the poses of a cat, with the atmosphere about the product completely changed.
- The possibility of posing is extended through the display base included.
- Play value will increase greatly when posed with Geno Breaker, another Revoltech Yamaguchi Zoids scheduled to be released soon.
- Accessories: display base x1
- Extra: RevolChip worth 10 points x2 (total 20 points). RevolPliers Zoids color (gold) and RevolContainer.

July 15th release, 4,900 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Images and information are from Revoltech Catalog.