Saturday, June 09, 2007

1-20 Scopedog and Others

Normally I talk about Gundam products only, but this time I'll give it an exception: 1-20 Scopedog from the anime series Votom. Never watched the series before, but robot units from it are always around all the Japanese hobby magazines I read, Scopedog as perhaps the main robot character, is the one I'm quite familiar with.

Don't let the retro-type box cover deceive you, this 1-20 scale Scopedog is perhaps the Master Grade version in its product line, as the details are just astonishing. Not only does it features an inner frame which is as detailed as any MG model, at the scale of 1-20, Bandai is able to produce probably the best sculptured pilot figure of all models, and there are two of them as well. The cockpit design is just brilliant, and if you look at the part list (third picture) of the model, the whole cockpit container seems to be molded as one. Cool! Not only that, you can play around with the 'screwdriver' given and use it to tighten the bolts on the model, talk about fun modeling experience.

1-20 Scopedog, hmm~

Other upcoming products are as below. Most of them have being mentioned in this blog before, so this time there are plenty of pictures for you to see. All images are from The Gundam Base Side One unless otherwise indicated.

PG Wing Gundam Zero Custom (Pearl Mirror Coating) - Like the name suggests, the armor pieces of the model, mainly the white parts including the wings are pearl coated. As compared to the previous pearl coated model, which is HGUC Qubeley, this one is really a disappointment. The black interior pretty much stands out from the half-transparent white parts, making the whole model looks real ugly. At the price of more than 30,000 Yen, one has to be extremely desperate to get a PG model to buy this one.

Then again, a PG model out of the blue, does it signify something about the product line? A new PG this year maybe?

UCHG EFGF Anti-MS Squad - This kit works perfectly with the previous UCHG release of the tank from the 08th MS Team. Soldier figures can be shown running down from the back of the tank. Of course you need quite a bit of painting skill to make the whole diorama to look realistic. Anyway, the figures have color separation as well, and just simple panel lining will actually work to outline the figures' silhouette and profile.

And then we have the 1-35 scale severed GM arm.

I wonder if Bandai will continue to release 1-35 scale body parts in future UCHG models so that one day we can gather all those parts and complete a 1-35 scale GM or Gundam.

Action Display Base (Black) for HGUC models - I saw this in one of the product images of HGUC RX-79[G] not long ago. Yes folks, the success of the previous Action Display Base gives rise to this smaller counterpart. The cool thing about this display stand is the compatibility with not just other display bases of the same type, but the previous big one as well.

A must have for HGUC fans, but it would be perfect it can mount HCM-Pro figures as well~

SD Sangokuden: Ryubi, Kanu, Chouhi, and Shibai Sazabi - It's problematic for me to remember the Japanese names of these BB models, since I so used to the Chinese names, and if the creator of these characters ever visited Malaysia, the person would be reluctant to give such a name of Shibai Sazabi -_-;; Anyway, one thing I discover about Chouhi (Zhang Fei) Gundam is the blades of his 'Snake Halberd' can be separated to become the wing units of his backpack, which is very Zeta-like.

The image of Shibai Sazabi is from From Hobby Shop Midori.

HCM-Pro Nu Gundam Special Painted - A match for the Special Coated version of Sazabi, the color scheme of this Nu Gundam changes from white to silver, and together with some new marking and decals, looks much better than the plain version. Of course the price will be higher too.

Images from Amiami.

HCM-Pro Akatsuki Full Set - Unbelievable, the display stand for this kit is actually... the effect parts for Shiranui's backpack! So when Shiranui Akatsuki launches its Dragoons, he has to be standing on his feet!

And check out the packing, the image of Mwu La Fllaga seems to be cropped straight out of the 1-100 scale model version. Muahahaha~

Images from Amiami.

HCM-Pro Evangelion Unit 01 - There is a hell lot of parts being included for this figures, which is just wonderful. I have to check on the anime to know which one for what purpose. What I can tell is the knife mounted in its shoulders and the machine gun. The huge 'dart board' at the back is actually an AT field - an electromagnetic energy field (or sort of like that) which acts very much like an I-Field for Gundams - to disable weapon damages from direct hit for the unit's protection.

Anyway, with so much parts and accessories, what about the action?

Images from Amiami.