Friday, June 29, 2007

Toyko Toy Show 2007

I was very busy with the some last bits of my schoolwork these few days, which is why my blog seems really slow these few days.

I didn't realize that there was a Tokyo Toy Show happening amidst my work, but apparently there quite some Gunpla on display during that event. However, after seeming the photos on the sites which reported about the event, I would say there were no surprises for the Gunpla enthusiasts who are updated frequently with news on upcoming Gundam merchandises. Gunpla on display like MG Turn A (finalized prototype with color), MG Gundam Ver. OYW (real TV Color Version), HGUC Zock and so on are not new item anymore (even though they are not out in the market yet). What we can get are more details on the products, and more information as well for those who can read kanji.

MG Turn A, box image for RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. OYW (Real TV Color Type), and Char's Gelgoog Ver. 2.0 from Datsu! Mikkabouzu

There were some photos of the upcoming Gundam 00 merchandises as well, namely the FG line featuring the four Gundams. Regardless of whatever fancy product line name Bandai can come up with for these models, the concept for Gundam 00's FGs is basically from the 1-144 scale Collection Series of SEED and SEED Destiny: model kit with minimum color separation, and very little action and posability, but very low in price to feed the hunger :-) of Gunpla fans before the HGs arrive.

FG Gundam 00 model kits from Datsu! Mikkabouzu

From the photo, it seems like Bandai didn't really improve much on the articulation of these model at all, so let's see what they will do with the price instead: 500 to 800 Yen per model can be considered reasonable in my opinion.

Another big thing is the display of a 1-60 scale Gundam Excia. In both SEED and SEED Destiny, it's not surprising that Bandai will release a big-scale-a-bit-better-than-average-HG model kits for the hardcore supporters of these lead Gundams. Since the displayed model is just a prototype, so whether or not we get to see a 1-60 Gundam Excia is questionable.

Prototype 1-60 Gundam Excia from GA Graphics

There are so many products being announced for Gundam 00 when the closest thing we get to see about the animation is just the 10-second teaser. Sunrise and Bandai better make sure they work their a** real hard to give us a good Gundam anime this time! ^_^