Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Forgotten models from SEED Destiny

I'm not sure what's going on in Bandai's marketing plan or its molding factory's schedule, but the company seems to be coughing up quite a few re-colored model kits from SEED Destiny in August and September. Here're the loads:

HG 1-144 Dearka Elthsman's Customized Blaze Zaku Phantom - September, 1,575 yen

HG 1-144 Yzak Jule's Customized Gouf Ignited - August, 1,575 yen

SD Heine Westenfluss's Customized Blaze Zaku Phantom - August, 630 yen

SD Blaze Zaku Warrior - July, 630 yen

Just how many Zaku Warriors and Phantoms had been released in the past? Unbelievable, the parts are not going to be changed, only the color will be. For example, Dearka Elthsman's Zaku Phantom is the same kit of Rey Za Barrel's color painted in black; and Yzak Jule's Gouf Ignited is Heine Westenfluss's one pained in white. Plus, that Gouf Ignited should have been out even before the series finished last year! As the new anime series of Gundam 00 is coming out (as well as its merchandises), my pick of 1-100 Yzak Jule's Slash Zaku Phantom seems to be out of Bandai's planning.

Seems like they are avoiding the one I like, and keep on producing those which are convenient to be put back into the molding machines.

So typical of Bandai.

Other updates include:

MG Turn A Gundam - the price is set at 3,990 yen

MG RX-78-2 Ver. OYW 0079 (TV colors) - July, 3,360 yen

HGUC Zock - July, 2,625 yen

HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 1 - July, 1,575 yen

HGUC Amphibious Mobile Suit Set (Acguy, Gogg & Char's Z'gok) - July, 3,150 yen

BB Senshi Stargazer - August, 630 yen

HCM-Pro Nu Gundam Special Painted - August, 5,040 yen

All images are from Hobby Search.