Monday, June 18, 2007


Just submitted the Final Year Project for my MA course just now, and just one more examination to go before the completion of the entire course. If asked about my feeling, there a sense of chill just crawled up my spine when I think about how fast things are passing by in my life right now. On this very day last year, I was still wondering whether or not to continue with this inaugural course designed by my university, and today, I'm already approaching the end of the journey.

Anyway, this posting is just to clear up a few things before I move on with a new plan for my blog, probably tomorrow or the day after. Hehe, just stay tuned!

First of all, thanks to Sentinel011 for correcting my mistake about the clear sticker included for Char's Action Display Stand. Yes, that's a piece of clear sticker NOT water slide decal as initially mentioned. Thanks man! Very much appreciated.

On the other hand, I took the liberty to edit my previous post on my blogging experience. The previous one has too many typos and grammar mistakes, and some of the details of the content are seriously lacking as well. Do check back on that if you will.

Anyway, about the 'secret project' I'm talking about, hmmm~