Friday, June 29, 2007

MG Deep Striker

MSA-0011[Bst] Plan 303E "Deep Striker" is the final evolution for S Gundam. For your information, it was not even featured in the original photographic novel "Gundam Sentinel" by Katoki. Its design can be found in the MSV for Gundam Sentinel, which also contains the MA design for Zeta Plus called "Hummingbird". Personally, I get to know about the existence of these two mecha only when they were out as GFF figures. Hummingbird has both blue and red color scheme. At the moment, the production for GFF Deep Striker has being halted, thus making it extremely valuable. Read more about these mecha on

For me, Deep Striker is like a condensed version of Dendrobium. The backpack mounted beam cannon, especially, looks very much like the main cannon of Dendrobium. Deep Striker however, does not allow the MS to eject from the core of the machine. Some equipments are built onto the body of the MS itself, for example the left arm is replaced with an I-Field generator. So, I guess it's safe to assume that Deep Striker is designed for specific combat assignment, sacrificing many general features of a MS in doing so.

Anyone interested in building a MG Deep Striker?

G System from Hong Kong produced the conversion kit for Deep Striker quite some time ago (just that I didn't have time to post about it -_-++), but you will need MG Ex-S Gundam to make it work. From the photos on the website, I assume that you will need two of that kit in order to get all the four thruster packs mounted on the back and lower body of the MS. Quite a crunch on one's wallet, really. Also, even though parts like the head and shoulders are similar to what you get from Ex-S Gundam, it seems like there will be different parts for these in the final assembly of Deep Striker.

The final product is just gorgeous, however, you will need to paint the model yourself to achieve the effects seen on the website.

And the price? USD370, which is exclusive of the two MG Ex-S.

Then again, I sure this is not targeted to all Gunpla fans who are buying the regular Bandai-type snap-fit model kits, but for professionals and die-hard S Gundam fans.

Also, the PG conversion pack for Quess Paraya's Jadg Doga is also promoted on the website for quite some time already. The only notable difference which I can spot is the design of the antenna on the top of the heads. Apart from that, the parts are basically the same with Gyunei's version, even its weapon of choice, the huge beam Gatling is not included, which is quite a disappointment.

Wait a minute, since we are suppose to paint the final model ourselves, what's the difference between buying the previous one and this one anyway? o_0

All images are from G System.