Wednesday, July 04, 2007

FG Gundam 00 and Others

Here's more information regarding the upcoming Gunpla series for Gundam 00. While most of the time we only get to see the FG prototypes and the tiny Gundam Collection figures, Gundam 00 will definitely be featured other product lines as well. According to Hobby Shop Midori, Gundam Excia, the main Gundam will be out in the following versions:
- HCM-Pro (October, 2,415 Yen - inclusive of 5 percent tax)
- HG (1,050 Yen)
- 1-100 scale (2,310 Yen)
- 1-60 scale (N/A)

Anyway, this time we can have a good look at what to expect from the FG line. Like I mentioned before, articulation is bad, and the color division of the models is poor. The prices for these models are very low, so they are very suitable for Gunpla starters. All images are from Hobby Shop Midori.

Coming out in September, the FGs are the first series of Gunplas from Gundam 00 to be released. After that, we have the HCM-Pro version in October. The first two HCM-Pro Gundam 00 figures are Gundam Excia and Gundam Dynames, both are priced at 2,415 Yen.

Does that HCM-Pro Gundam Dynames laying down on Sniper Mode reminds you of another mecha? Sure does for me! It looks just like Evangelion Unit 01 using a high-energy positron rifle in one episode of the series!