Monday, September 03, 2007

A Faulty AC Converter, and More

Last night was all worries and sadness for me, because I found out that the AC converter for my laptop was not working, i.e. my laptop was running on battery and there was no way for it to get any power from the converter. As my laptop was resurrected from her death earlier this year, another faulty component really scared the hell out of me. Just by looking at the faulty AC converter, my mind was dreaded with the thoughts of wasting time without my laptop doing nothing. I just couldn't bring myself to assemble another jig-saw puzzle (from the same previous post above), which is like starting a tradition of assembling jig-saw puzzle whenever my laptop is on strike ^^;

Naturally I turned off the laptop as soon as I realized that it was on battery. You never know if you will need it for important work some other time, and imagine if there's not enough battery to do so at that most critical moment. That could well go down into your list of most dreaded things to avoid.

But ladies and gentlemen, miracle does happen, and it happened to me right this morning. The AC converter sprung to life when I tried it one last time before setting out to buy a new one. Wuhhuh~ ^O^ Thank you very very much Mr. AC Converter. You really saved me a lot of trouble this time. It's working right now as I'm writing this blog entry, and the laptop is running perfectly on AC power.

Anyway, lesson learned: Treat the laptop well all the time, as well as all its components, including Mr. AC converter. Try to let him rest more next time, which means minimizing the time of surfing the web whenever I feel like it, which will cause some unnecessarily burden on the laptop, and of course Mr. AC converter as well.

However, somehow I just can't get rid of this sick feeling that Mr. AC converter is going to kick the bucket soon. Maybe I should get a spare one just in case.


Anyway, I'm currently working on MG Gundam Ver. One Year War bought quite some time ago. Just finished cutting out all the parts from their trees last night, and currently working on panel lining all the details, both the external armors and the inner frame.

The part trees for Gundam Ver. OYW.

I assembled MG Gundam Ver. 1.5 many years ago, when I was still in my secondary school. And since parts like the legs, and the hammer are basically inherited directly into Ver. OYW, that's this feeling of familiarity in it that brings back a lot of sweet memories about the time when I know very little about the skills needed in building Gunpla, but was equally enthusiastic about it back then and now nonetheless.

Ver. 1.5 and OYW's trademark: a PG-style inner frame for the legs, molded in one piece each. Since the hydraulic pipes are molded into their casings, I'm still figuring how to paint them in silver.

At the moment, the progress on that Gunpla is nil, because it has to give way to a huge item just joined my list of collection today. And by the term 'huge' I mean both physically and metaphorically. I just can't say enough of how much excitement I had just by looking at this item, not to mention holding it in my hands, FINALLY! ^^

A huge review about this 'new member' tomorrow. But here's a hint for you first~


p/s: I made quite a bit of correction to my previous posting: Girls Build Gunpla Too. Apparently I was too rush in writing that and there were so many mistakes in it. Sorry about that ^^;