Saturday, September 08, 2007

SD Gundam

I watched two episodes of the original SD Gundam recently, and just couldn't stop from laughing all the way. Unlike recent SD Gundam series, like SD Sangokuden which are more structured and some-what serious about the storyline, the original series is more like a collection of pranks played on the characters and MSs of the Gundam world. Not only are the characters extremely funny, even the design of the MSs don't make sense at all ^^

The first episode is like a summary of One Year War in the most funniest parody. Instead of showing Amuro Ray, Gundam is shown as a living character, fighting cute little Zaku IIs XD There are also Gundams from other timelines making their cameo in this episode as well, and they just add on the crude joke.

The Zaku IIs who infiltrated a colony found Gundam while he was... sunbathing!

Gundam is trying to go camping in outer space XD

Char can't stop his Red Comet!

No beam saber for Gundam this time.

While battling the Black Tri-star Dom squadron, Gundam calls upon Zeta and Double Z to form their very own Tri-Gundam team, but both of them don't look like they are keen on helping out ^^;

Another episode is Char's Counterattack. Except for the design of Char in that episode, there is nothing similar between the SD version and the original anime movie. Char is being shown trying to cast off his evil side by establishing a school to win the heart of an (seemingly) innocent Haman Kahn. On the other hand, Amuro Ray and gang tries to reveal his true color by sabotaging his school. Very very funny~

The phantom of Lalah Sun (very cute ^^) keeps on bugging Char and Kaman

Char's in trouble while Christina Mackenzie is beating the crap out of Kamille Bidan.

Judau Asta finds himself extremely 'hot' in his concert

Kamille tries to flirt with Frau Bow!!

Char finally came back, but as Quattro Bagina?!