Monday, September 24, 2007

PLAMO Review 24: MG Gundam Ver. OYW Part 2

Finally, it's done!

Part 2 of the review on MG Gundam Ver. OYW is about the final assembly and of course, action and fun. If you'd like to see the panel-lining and paint work for this kit, please read Part 1.

Plenty of photos for this review, just as how I did it for Zaku II Ver. 2.0.

With some much panel lines all over the body, I didn't bother to apply any decal or sticker to the finished model.

The inner frame for the arms. From what I learned from MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0, even though the hand of the model can be split so that each finger can move individually, I only did so for the left hand. Since the fingers move on ball-type joints, cutting them up eventually make them hard to control, especially when grasping the weapon. And after a while, the joints are spent and become loose.

The body unit of Gundam Ver. OYW. Although the Core Fighter system had been omitted for this model, this allows for better waist and torso articulation.

The leg units. As compared to the previous Gundam Ver. 1.5, the feet are designed with extra joints so that the shoes will move when the legs are bend forward or backward. The inner frame of the legs however, are identical to its predecessor.

Gundam with a complete inner frame, very much PG-style.

Although the beam javelin is missing, the beam saber of Gundam Ver. OYW is the long curved version, definitely better the short blunt ones in Ver. 1.5.

The beam rifle and bazooka are bigger as well. The bazooka however, is kind-of disappointing. The handle is non-movable, and as a result, posing Gundam holding it is quite hard.

While the surface of the shield is very similar to the old one, the back of the shield is a completely different story. At the same time, the shield can mount bothe the beam sabers, the bazooka and the beam rifle.

The Gundam Hammer. Painting the chain silver definitely makes it stand out a lot from the old one.

Action, action!!

Despite all the nice photos you see above, the model is not without any weakness. Apart from the bazooka, the armor of the forearm can slide off easily, and then the hand will fall out, along with its base. Quite annoying.

Family photo ^_^

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