Wednesday, September 05, 2007

October & November Goodies

It was just last week when I talked about Gundam merchandises coming in this month, and now we are showered with goodies coming in next month! I really think that with the Internet nowadays, there's hardly anything that can be called surprise anymore eh?

Nonetheless, October and Novemeber are exciting months for Gundam fans.

Master Grade Destiny Gundam - Now this is what I've been waiting for. If it doesn't land itself as being MG 100, then giving Destiny Gundam MG 101 is a real justice for this mecha from SEED Destiny. It may be ruined by a bad storyline (in my opinion), Destiny is still one bad-ass Gundam, and the wings absolutely rock. Just like MG Strike Freedom which gives you the 1-100 scale figures of Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne, figures of Shin Asuka and Stella Loussier will be included for Destiny. Good luck painting them.

But unfortunately, for the normal version, the Wings of Light are NOT included -_- So typical of Bandai.

October, 5040 Yen

HGUC Gyunei's Jadg Doga - Mentioned about this kit for many times already on my blog. Anyway, things that are certain for its actual release include the need of swapping parts (the tail fins) for the Funnels in their attack mode and that clear parts for showing the launching of those funnels will also be included.

October, 5040 Yen

HGUC Quess's Jadg Doga - Very much Gyunei's version in a different paint scheme. The only notable difference is just the antenna on the head (Gyunei's longer), and of course the huge Beam Gatling. But for me, it seems smaller than the one designed in 1988, or maybe it's just me :)

October, 5040 Yen

1-60 Gundam Exia - Can't really get what the product description in kanji means, but if the prototype shown here is going to be at least 80% final, then the manipulators used will be pretty much from Perfect Grade Strike Gundam, which is extremely posable and strong. The price is much higher than 1-60 Strike, but Exia doesn't seem to have the dreaded weapon packs for you to keep spending money on ^^ so this could be a bargain if there's no PG coming in this year.

End of November, 4725 Yen

HG 1-144 Gundam Exia - The FG version is this month's merchandise and the HG version will be out next month. You have got to admire the efficiency of Bandai. But is such pace going to generate the profit as expected by them? On that I'll keep my own opinion to just myself :) Anyway, Bandai seems to have redesigned the HG line so that it's much better than that of SEED and SEED Destiny. The product description mentions about almost all the joints as been extremely posable. And no kidding, just look at articulation of the knee in the picture below.

Then again, if the 1-144 version is so good, how are they supposed to improve on the HG 1-100 version?

October, 1260 Yen

HG 1-144 Gundam Dynames - The targeting sensor on Dynames's head can be slided down for its Sniper Mode, but I really hope Bandai designs the shoulder armor plates to be detachable.

November, 1260 Yen

HG 1-44 Gundam Kyrios - A transformable HG kit, at last. The function also makes the price to be slightly higher than the rest. I suppose the extra bulky Gundam Virtue (N/A yet) will be of this price as well, for all its armor and the size. Being transformable, I wonder if Gundam Kyrios can match his comrades in terms of articulation?

November, 1575 Yen

HG 1-144 Tieren - If designing the articulation for the transformable Gundam Kyrios is a challenge, then Tieren would pose another huge problem for Bandai, or maybe not? Anyone interested in this kit? You can count me out ^_^

November, 1260 Yen

HG 1-144 Mass Productive Union Flag - Gosh, look at the proportion of the hands to the arm! And the very clear ball joint of the waists. Although it's transformable, but Union Flag does look quite ugly for me. However, the price is actually the lowest of all the HG Gundam 00 merchandises mentioned today.

October, 1050 Yen

HCM-Pro Gundam Ez8 - Being hearing rumors about the release of this figure for quite some time, and apparently they are for real. A huge array of armament is included: beam rifle, machine gun and two bazookas. Plus, beside the regular backpack carrier for the cannon, a new parachute pack is included. Plenty of fun for this figure.

Also, like HCM-Pro Gundam Ground Type, the initial release for Ez8 will also include parts for you to modify it to desert combat mode, but you have t apply the weathering effect yourself. Definitely not for my modeling skill level.

November, 2940 Yen

Gundam Collection Gundam 00 - Although it says 12 figures, there are only 10 being shown. Two hidden characters then? While I'm generally not interested in these mini scale figures, sometimes they give out some surprises nonetheless. Like this round, a new Gundam 00 mecha is revealed, AEU-05 Helion, I believe is its name. Much better design than Union Flag and Enact in my opinion.

October, 3150 Yen

All images from Hobby Search.