Friday, September 14, 2007

Stupendously Idiotic Competition

I saw this by accident on Rant & Raves today, and immediately felt extremely angry and disgusted about it.

Visit Selayang Municipal Council (MPS)'s homepage to see the original disgusting poster.

Since the original text is in Malay, please refer to the same article again to see the translation.

My comment for MPS is very simple:

Hey MPS, you don't like the dogs? Well, guess what?

To show my disgust,I signed a petition against the competition, and dear readers of my blog, please sign the petition as well. Maybe you don't have a dog, or you're just happy having Gunpla or Transformers toys as your pets, nonetheless, dogs or any other animals should never be treated so horribly and being hunted down as if they have no dignity and value in this world.

Please sign the petition like what I did by following this link.

At the same time, I suppose just some angry words won't help the situations either, so here are my suggestions to MPS:
(1 - most important) Don't shit the people's money on torturing innocent dogs when you wasted RM40,000 of their money going for your stupid meaningless golf session at Awana Genting Highlands Golf and Country Resort!!

(2) You will get RM39,000 from adding up all your prize money from this stupid competition (assuming you can count or operate a calculator), donate the money to SPCA Selangor, and they will know better of how to treat the problem (as compared to you obviously)

(3) If you have so much money to spend, please reward the public who catch/help to catch/report about snatch-thieves in your area. I don't know if Selayang has the highest number of dogs in this country, but Hell, your state, Selangor is NUMBER ONE in terms of crime happening in broad-daylight! And fucking do something about it already! before blaming the dogs!!

(4) The Selangor Water Supply Board had risen the water tariff in the state by 15 percent. Surely you can ask/force them to donate some of that money to the proper organization handling stray animals.