Friday, September 28, 2007

Gunpla Wars 3: The Return of ...

Original image from War Cry!

GP02A: Welcome folks! I'm GP02A, and joining me today are Gundam NT-1 and Zeong. We're glad that you can join us tonight for this amazing match between Gundam and Zaku II.
Gundam NT-1: Indeed. A long term rivalry is coming to a conclusion tonight. It's not about any title, it's not about any championship; it's just plain honor and dignity.
Zeong: That's right, and to make the match even more interesting, it'll be of no holds bar, no disqualification, and everything goes. How will our two contestants fair in such harsh condition I wonder?
GP02A: Well then, let's not waste anymore time to find out. Let the match begins!

Zeong: Gundam started off with some powerful punches, which seem to have weaken Zaku.
Gundam NT-1: That's no surprise at all, Zaku's armor have proven from time to time weaker than Gundam's. A few blows are enough for him to win this match.
GP02A: I'm not too sure about that...

GP02A: Whoosh! A kick to the mid-section by Zaku!
Zeong: Nice! I didn't know Zaku has such agility.
Gundam NT-1: Zaku must thank the designer at Bandai for designing such a well-articulated frame for all his moves today.

GP02A: More blows from Gundam
Zeong: Yes. This time on the back of Zaku. Do you think he's desperate after that kick just now?
Gundam NT-1: It certainly looks that way. Gundam is trying to use his superior brute force to win this one.
GP02A: That's right! And I'm surprise Gundam is not using his beam saber this time.
Zeong: No way, Zaku won't fall for his beam saber tricks anymore, not after yesterday.

Gundam NT-1: What's this?!
Zeong: Shoulder spike attack!! Well done Zaku!
GP02A: No doubt! One of Zaku's most effective melee attack device is the old fashion shoulder spike. Most deadly in such close distance. Can Gundam come back from this?
Gundam NT-1: So this is the turn of the tide then.
Zeong: No doubt! Let's see whether Zaku can capitalize on this now.

Zeong: Unbelievable! Gundam came back from that shoulder spike attack and executed a perfect Tombstone Pile-driver onto Zaku.
Gundam NT-1: That has got to be it. Zaku has no chance of coming back anymore.
GP02A: I'm afraid I must agree on that. Imagine the weight of your own body slammed onto your own skull. If he's not out, he must be stunned for a long time.

GP02A: A low blow from Zaku!! Muahahahahaha~
Gundam NT-1: That's cheating!
Zeong: Technically it's legal in this match. There's no disqualification whatsoever.
GP02A: That's right! This is most certainly Zaku's last move to save himself from losing the match after that powerful Tombstone just now.
Zeong: And now both contestants are almost out of stamina!
Gundam NT-1: Just who will recover in time and pin his opponent for the win?
Zeong: It's really hard to see that now. Both of them...
GP02A: Hey, what's this...
Gundam NT-1: Looks like there's another contestant on the stage!
Zeong: Just look at the crowd! They are electrified!
Gundam NT-1: Who is that?
GP02A: I can't believe it! Look! It's...


Zeong: Kick to the face!
GP02A: That's like a boot double the size of Gundam's on his face!
Gundam NT-1: And now Gundam's out!

GP02A: A huge leg drop onto Zaku!
Zeong: Wow! That gotta hurt!
GP02A: Indeed! Way worse than that Tombstone just now!

GP02A: The return of Prime!
Zeong: Yes! And he proved himself more superior than both Gundam and Zaku!
GP02A: That's right! Prime rules supreme.
Gundam NT-1: That was a great match just now.
GP02A: Yes folks, and we do hope that you will join us next time for another huge match-up.