Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My Name is Optimus Prime

"Autobots, roll out!"

No Transformers can give out that command with more authority than Optimus Prime. More than meets the eyes, more than just giant robots, Optimus Prime and the other heroic Autobots are like heroes I salute since I was a kid. I bet such sentiment is shared by many other Transformers fans as well. Owning a Transformers toy was like the ultimate one among all wishes, and I still felt that way until today.

After MG Char's Zaku II Ver. 2.0, the last two months were like a drought of good Gundam models for me. Afte watching the movie for n times, and reading about so many people in Kuching started fulfilling their childhood Transformers dream, I realized I couldn't hold back from getting myself a Transformers toy anymore.

Optimus Prime's my natural selection, as he is one of the three Leader Class released (and being the only Autobots as well). The other two being Megatron and Brawl. Although there are still disputes about Michael Bay's Transformers, particularly the design of the robots, Optimus Prime's overall feature is still pretty much loyal to its original appearance. Plus, in my opinion, he has the best paint scheme of all: red with flaming pattern similar to that of Rodimus Prime. The other Transformers characters are either in a mono-tone color, all just the same color with gradient.

In terms of box size, not much difference as compared to MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0, but then again, Zaku II is an unassembled kit, while the completed figure of Prime fills in almost his entire casing.

In terms of packaging, the only difference visible between Hasbro's and Takara Tomy's versions is the Japanese sticker on the top right.

And I always find Gilbert's offer hand to resist XD - RM250, and it's not from Hasbro, but Takara Tomy. And special thanks to him here, as I haven't pay him yet for this item ^^; So technically, this Leader Class Optimus Prime is still his.

Anyway, enough said.

Photos taken right after I pull him out of the box, I forgot to flip out his toes and heels ^^;

The "Try Me" feature is a level on Prime's chest, when pulled down, triggers some lighting and sound effects. Strangely, the lights are in green (supposedly blue). Well, at least they are not in red (Decepticons' color) ^^;

Ball-type joints for the thumb, very MG-like XD Each finger can move independently. Wow! But too bad the waist is fixed.

The cannon is mounted on the right forearm, it can shoot out a blue projectile (a very simple retro feature for a toy meant for kids :-) It can be detached if you want to.

The joints for Prime are extremely strong. As a matter of fact, they are so strong that I went to check and re-check the manual when I found that some parts didn't move at all when I tried to transform the big guy for the first time. Apparently they do, only after I became courageous enough to put in more strength in those steps. The joints give out some loud cracking noise when they are moved, and since I'm so used to the delicate parts in Gundam models that only give out such sound when you break any of them (ouch!), Prime really gave me some nervous moments last night. ^_^

There are so many parts which are loaded with springs in this toy, so there are many parts that would "suddenly" pop up when another one is moved. For someone with his first Transformers toy, I don't suppose there's anyway I can tell you of the excitement from being surprised over and over again by those nifty designs last night.

The "Automorph" feature synchronizes the movement of the head and the chest pieces (the truck windows) when the level on the chest is pulled down entirely.

Beautiful monster truck (formal name: General Motors Peterbilt 18-Wheeler) ^^
There's a button on top of the truck that will triggers lighting effect for the windows and a different sound (truck horning), only in vehicle mode.

Optimus Prime's transformation in summary. The fuel tanks beneath the truck store two AA batteries, and guess what? The batteries are also included.

Standing on one feet and sitting down are no-problem-mo for the big guy, but I will never try these again on him XD

Heh, that's me on the desktop!

Wuhhuh~ Another one of the many childhood dreams of mine fulfilled. Muahahahaha~

Check out more photos in Prime's Gallery, or view the Hasbro's version on Seibertron.com.

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