Wednesday, October 31, 2007

PLAMO Review 26: HGUC Hrairoo Part 4

Today I'll finish the reviews on Hrairoo with something which you'll not find in the construction manual ^^

Before we talk about the conversion between Hrairoo and Gaplant, let me show you another nifty tricks for Hrairoo:

The parts for Hrairoo's Blade Rifle can be used on Advanced Hazel's rifle as well! Nice ^^

OK, now let's get to the main topic today. This is how you convert between Hrairoo and Gaplant:

The huge shoulder attachments are easy to remove.

Detach the extra rear skirt armors, and the armors for Gaplant will be revealed.

The front skirt armors are the hardest in the conversion process, as you can probably predict from the number of parts seen here.

For the hip armors, the best case is to use another two PC(N)s from the polycap set of Hrairoo, which is unfortunately depleted for the assembly of Hrairoo.
Hrairoo uses polycap set PC-116, as seen in many of the 1/100 SEED and SEED Destiny models. If you have leftover polycaps after assembling Infinite Justice, or Legend, or even the older Aile Strike, you can get your extra PC(N)s. Too bad if you dumped all those excessive parts ^^;
Anyway, you can still use the parts from Hrairoo to attach the hip armors, but the points for mounting the extra armors of Hrairoo will be exposed.

Converting the head. By using the helmet of Gaplant, the mono-eye can now be shown, and personally, I think it looks way better as well.

The extra components for Hrairoo excluding the head and rifle.
In MS Zeta, Gaplant does not use any hand held armament except his own beam sabers.

Which one looks nicer?

And now, let's have a look at Gaplant's MA transformation:

The only major difference between Hrairoo and Gaplant's tranformation is the head. While Hrairoo needs to swap parts for the V-fin; Gaplant's visor can be pulled down to protect its mono-eye.

At the same time, I really feel that the transformation for Gaplant is way less cumbersome as compared to Hrairoo.

Also, you can visit the complete gallery of Hrairoo in his Gallery.

Hrairoo is also the one Gunpla in my collection to feature four separate reviews:
Part 1: Introduction & pre-assembly work
Part 2: Component Review
Part 3: Completed model & MA transformation
Part 4: You're reading it now ^^
So, do you think this is useful to you? Please provide feedback for further improvement. Thanks :)

Now that my Hrairoo is done. I'm thinking of taking a break from this little October Gunpla frenzy. After MG Strike Noir and this one, I want to return to the usual reporting of Gundam and mecha coolness from the Net. Also, I'll be spending some time hunting for new Gunpla. Hehe ^^ So, please pardon my indulgence on these stuff after Hrairoo.