Sunday, May 18, 2008

Updates on SEED Frame Astray

It has been five months since I last checked on SEED Frame Astray's official site for updates. The manga has now come to Chapter Seven, and so far what attracts me the most is not the mecha variations, but the combat between ZAFT mono-eye MSs. For example Elijah Kiel's Customized Zaku Warrior versus Rudolf Wittgenstein's Customized Gouf in Chapter 2 and Xist Elwes's Customized CGUE versus Suu's Customized Kerberos Zaku Warrior in the latest Chapter 7.

SEEDFrameAstray01_01_s SEEDFrameAstray01_02_s
Trojan Noiret and his Gundam Astray Green Frame.
On the right is Hyperion G in action.

SEEDFrameAstray02_01_s SEEDFrameAstray02_02_s SEEDFrameAstray04_01_s
Hyperion G versus Alec Lad's Customized Kerberos BuCUE Hound.

SEEDFrameAstray05_01_s SEEDFrameAstray06_01_s SEEDFrameAstray07_01_s
The mysterious Suu and his/her (^^;) Kerberos Zaku Warrior, and the new combo rifle for Astray Green Frame.

New equipment for Xist Elwes's Customized CGUE.

A visit to the mecha section revealed several not-so-new MSs:

ZGMF-1000 Elijah Kiel's Customized Zaku Warrior (originally from SEED Destiny Astray)

ZGMF-1000 Hospital Zaku Warrior (originally from SEED Destiny Astray)

MWF-JG73 Civilian Astray JG Custom (originally from Delta Astray)

Suu's Kerberos Zaku Warrior

Leon Graves's Customized Arms Astray PMC Custom - with the head changed to more Astray-like one, the designation code and name has also been changed. Not sure if it received any power-up though ^^;

All images from SEED Frame Astray's official site.