Monday, January 11, 2010

The Even More Awesome Case of Piracy

Mentioned about the pirated Kamen Rider/Gundam toy last night, and Brother Ah Sim, a wacky (Ha!) friend of mine sent me an email this morning.

"小儿科, 不够强" ("Child's play, not strong enough")

After viewing the links he sent me in that email, I think I agree with him. ^^;

"Astro Plan" ("太空历险记", "星原战记") is an upcoming sci-fi fantasy cartoon series made in China, which will be aired starting this month. The story goes like this: when the environment on Earth deteriorates in the future due to global warming, human beings decided to venture into space to look for a new home. This is the so-called "Star Field Project" (? - 星原计划). Deep in space, the space migration fleet encounters beings from Planet Iccus (? - 伊克斯星人), raiders of natural resources in the Universe. The alien beings has the ambition to become the overlord of the Galaxy. In response to this threat, 6 young fighters are recruited into Sky Arrow Flight Team (? - 天箭飞行队) to pilot the highly mobile and transformable Type Yi (? - 羿式) machines to combat the Iccus aliens.

Composing of both 2D and 3D animation, the story will have plenty of plot twists, but is lighthearted and has a comical sense. Each character has clear distinguishable personalities and strong sense of love and hatred (means sense of justice I suppose). The setting of space in the series will project the vastness and mysterious feel of the Universe.

"Astro Plan" will be aired on Hunan TV's Golden Eagle Channel (湖南电视台金鹰卫视) starting this Friday (January 15th).

And here's a preview from "Astro Plan":

Video clip is from Tudou. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.
*IMPORTANT: When prompted about installing extra software, just click "Deny". You can watch the video without that add-on.

I honestly couldn't laugh this off like the pirated toy mentioned last night. It is just too ridiculous! I see elements from "Macross Frontier" (primary), "Macross Seven" (that VF-22S Milia's Unit in the third image), "Gundam SEED" (action pose of the second image), "Gundam SEED Destiny" (Minerva? in the third image), and "Transformers", "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann", "Gundam Double O" and "Victory Gundam" from the trailer. I'm sure you can find elements copied from other anime series as well here and there. ^^;

It's amazing to me that the company and production team (about 14 people from the staff list I read) are ignorant enough to put all these well known mecha anime together and blatantly release a cartoon series that will be broadcasted on national TV. Audiences nowadays are more aware of news and information from various sources, surely such ridiculous attempts are going to picked out immediately, and it's anticipatable that people are not going to be happy about it.

Sure enough, from the comment on the website, 149 out of 169 people votes "Not interested" in this cartoon series, and there are plenty of negative comments posted as well.

Information and images are from PC Games China (Chinese). Thanks Brother Ah Sim for the news.