Friday, March 12, 2010

Gundam UC Blu-ray Disc, DVD & Plamo Japanese Release

Moeyo has report on the release of "Gundam UC" episode 1, "The Day of Unicorn" Blue-ray Disc and DVD versions, as well as the corresponding MG kits in Japan today:

Shown above is the Blu-ray Disc version of the OVA. Folks who remember the design shown in this previous posting will notice that they are completely different. No worries, the illustration of Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn Mode) is from the special sleeve included as the first batch production special prize for both the Blu-ray Disc and DVD releases.

The illustration is done by Hajime Katoki-sensei. It's unclear at the moment whether the international release will come with such special sleeve or not.

The Blu-ray Disc version's price is 5,040 Yen (inclusive of tax), while the DVD version is 3,990 Yen (inclusive of tax).

And the four new Gunplas released yesterday:

MG Unicorn Gundam HD Color Ver. + MS Cage - 7,875 Yen (inclusive of tax).

MG Unicorn Gundam - 5,250 Yen (inclusive of tax).

HGUC Loto Twin Set - 1,680 Yen (inclusive of tax).

HGUC Zaku II F2 E.F.S.F. Ver. - 1,575 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Images are from Moeyo.