Thursday, July 26, 2007

Current Gunpla Work

The next Gunpla I'm planning to build is HGUC Zudah, one which I'm looking forward to for quite some time now. Since it's in 1-144 scale, many parts need painting to look closer to what is seen from MS IgLoo. There are also tons of clear stickers for you to play around with, but the hardest part is applying the white panel lines to many of the parts. That's really something I never tried before. I will definitely talk about that here when I come to that.

The good old trick comes in real handy for this kit

The next Gunpla in mind is MG Gundam Ver. OYW. Since the Real TV Color Ver. is out recently, this model is suddenly heated up again. I suppose many will be comparing which one's better or so. Anyway, the review on my Gundam Ver. OYW is definitely not coming soon :)