Sunday, July 22, 2007

MG 101 is Destiny UPDATED

Thanks to Mike for this piece of information: according to Gunota Headlines, MG 101 will be Destiny Gundam.

Hell, it's about time!

Just playing around with the box art of the HG 1-100 version. Luckily I didn't get that one :-D

Updated 23 July: MG Destiny will be out in October at the price of 5040 Yen (around RM 180). However, like the previous MG Strike Freedom Gundam, it will feature a special edition which come with the Wings of Light. The price is 7,350 Yen (around RM 260). Does this means that the 'normal' version will have no beam wings?

Also, HGUC Char's Counterattack will kick start in October as well, with Gyunei's Jadg Doga at the price of 2,100 Yen (around RM 75). Watch out for HGUC Sazabi and Nu Gundam~