Saturday, July 28, 2007

GFF Musha Gundam & Psycho Gundam

A bit of add-ons to yesterday's news on upcoming Gundam merchandises: GFF Musha Gundam (5,040 Yen, around RM177, to be released at the end of September) and the huge GFF Metal Composite 1/144 scale Psycho Gundam (10,500 Yen, around RM368, out end of August). I'm thinking of getting a HGUC Psycho Gundam, so that 10,000-Yen-fella is definitely out for me, but the Musha Gundam is awesome. Just look at the Samurai armor~

Images are from Amiami.

No image on his armaments yet, but I believe the list include a musket, a trident, and katana (not sure how many)

I can see much difference between this guy and the HGUC version, except for the price which is doubled!

Also, some exclusive photos of MG Turn A:

It seems like Bandai changed the back of the booklet to painting scheme, and a more stylish design for the front cover too


At least the decal is cool~

The 1/100 scale moo-moo ^^