Thursday, July 12, 2007

PLAMO Review 19: MG Qubeley

PLAMO Review 19 goes to MG Qubeley, Haman Karn’s MS from Zeta and ZZ Gundam era. This time I’ll try to talk less and let the photos do the review instead :)

To begin with, Qubeley is one weird-looking MS, like I said once, back in those days when I had no idea what it was called, I named it butterfly, as the shoulder armors looks very much like the wings of a butterfly. Qubeley is the exclusive MS of Haman Karn, the leader of Axis. The shoulder armors mentioned are wing binders mounting thrusters for the MS's mobility. Being an exclusive MS means only Haman herself can pilot the MS to its fullest potential. Also, the color scheme of pink and purple on white is quite a match to Haman Karn herself. As a MS for newtype, Qubeley is armed with ten Funnels, which can be used to attack enemies even if they are out of sight. The funnels are stored in the tail binders and need to return to it after a certain time of operation for recharging.

Front and rear views of the model, displayed on the Action Display Stand. You'll need to drill a hole in Qubeley's back for that purpose.

The top view of the model

Personally, I would say that Qubeley is one of the most powerful MSs in the UC timeline. It fought with Kamille Bidan's Zeta Gundam in the that series, and fought Judau Asta's ZZ Gundam in the final battle in its series as well. Same MS in the grand finale of two different Gundam series. Who can do that other than Haman Karn and her Qubeley? And mind you, the fight between her and ZZ Gundam was a draw, and Qubeley was destroyed because Haman threw the MS onto an asteroid.

As for the model, here's what you will get:

A very nice set of inner frame for the arms and the legs. This model is probably the only kit in the world that shows you the inner frame of Qubeley. For the legs, remember to remove the two blue caps before removing the armors.

The details for the tail binder and the shoulder armors are also very nice, but for the tail binder, it's molded entirely in pink, so quite a bit of painting is needed to make it looks good. Use of different colors will certainly be a bonus to its appearance.

In terms of firepower, Qubeley has only the ten funnels, and two beam sabers which double up as beam guns when they are stored in the forearm.

The funnels are really small, that's why I didn't bother to panel line them. In contrary from what you might see in the anime, they are ONLY ten funnels, not just from the model, but according to the mecha information of Qubeley as well.

Three sets of hands: closed fists for holding the beam saber, spread palms for posing the beam gun, and free hands with movable fingers (personally I would call them claws instead :) for posing. The free hands seem cool, but has very limited use actually.

Just how big is this model? Let's compare it with another model.

The height of Qubeley is the same as the other MS, but its width is unmatched, even for Strike Gundam that stretches his arms across in full.

A single shoulder armor is bigger than the shield of Strike. Wuhhuh~

Here's the bad thing about the model:

The elbows of Qubeley use ball-type joints, so they can rotate (but why do you need that? I wonder) and bend easily for action. But after a while, the whole forearm will just detach at the elbow, just like the forearm of Zeong or Destroy Gundam :-D Can be quite annoying sometimes.

And of course, NO display stand included even for a MS used exclusively in outer space, a worse drawback as compared to the elbow issue :(

Lastly, some action poses from the lady's MS of course:

Can't really pose exactly like what you see in the anime, but there's a fine line between reality and fantasy of course.

I'm not going to complain about poor firepower on this model. I think if the designer gave Qubeley a beam rifle from the start, she will look really goofy :-D

And my favorite pose before signing off this posting~

PLAMO Review 20 is coming soon as well, and this time, it'll be one of my most anticipated one as well. Who'll it be? Hehehe~