Tuesday, July 24, 2007

MG Destiny & HGUC Jadg Doga

Here we go, ladies and gentlemen: images of the prototype MG 101, ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam!

I wonder if the massive backpack will pull down the whole model?

There are quite a few hints we can get from the magazine scan actually. For example, the fun sliding leg armors can be seen, which is inherited from MG Strike and Strike Freedom, the articulation of the waist is also quite awesome, but most importantly, the action of the arms, will his hand movement be hampered by the mounted knuckle shield? And will he be able to accomplish mission impossible (as seen in its HG equivalent) of drawing the beam boomerang from his shoulders? Both at the same time? And how will he look like when the wings are expanded?

Apart from these features, I also hope for better blade design for the beam saber, boomerang and shield, with comparison made to the HG version. Of course, the spread palm for displaying the cannon must be improved as well. Plus, hopefully the two splits on the face will be molded instead of requiring painting.

Although not exactly according to actual scale, the new design features can be spotted easily

Overall, from the conceptual design for MG Destiny, the end model will look much sharper than the ones from the anime and the HG 1-100 scale interpretation. It makes this model more menacing and villainous. Although not much has being announced about this coming Gunpla except this magazine scan, plus the details are subject to changes, I do have a lot of expectations for this model. Destiny Gundam is definitely my type of Gundam from SEED Destiny (I just don’t like the pilot). With the price tagged at 5,000 Yen, I do expect Bandai not to disappoint all who are expecting this model ever since the end of SEED Destiny years ago.

Seven funnels? I thought he only has six.

On the other hand, as mentioned in the previous post, HGUC Char’s Counterattack starts off with Gyunei’s Customized Jadg Doga. I believe many will be looking forward for other CCA Gunpla after this one, namely Sazabi, Nu Gundam, or even ReGZ, Jadg Doga is quite a cool mecha nonetheless. The overall design is quite unique, and its armaments, especially the bayonet mounted beam saber is wicked. As compared with the previous release, which was a good 19 years back, the new Jadg Doga is sturdier, and much more pose-able definitely. Some nifty stuff like the storage of his beam saber in the hip armor and the funnels are going to be quite fun to play with. Personally, I would put this one down on my wish list, right after MG Destiny.

I would definitely like to see how Bandai redesigns the wrist 'imprisoned' within the huge forearm armor.

Including Jadg Doga, all mecha from CCA are huge as compared the other tmelines, so the size will definitely be a huge attraction for the coming HGUC models. Can’t wait till HGUC Sazabi and Nu Gundam :)

Images are from Mahq.net and Hobby Link Japan.